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Community Volunteering

The Columbia Heights Lions Club has been dedicated to our community for generations.   We embrace connecting with others to help serve with community volunteering opportunities.  If you have lived in the area for a while there is a good chance you have seen our members and other volunteers at local parks or highways picking up trash with our Adopt a Highway program.  Each year our club and the generous volunteers clean up dozens of bags worth of waste to keep our roads and parks clean and safe for our community.  We are often approached with questions like "Do you need a Lions Club member to volunteer?".  The answer is simply "No".  We always welcome help from volunteers that are willing to help serve our community.  Many that have volunteered with is in the past have seen what we are about and elected to join the club to continue positively impacting our city and community through the Lions Club organization. 

Adopt a park volunteering
Community volunteering
highway clean up volunteering
adopt a park volunteers
Volunteer Columbia Heights Jamboree
community volunteering
Adopt a Highway with J & M
community volunteers minneapolis

 "Many hands make light work" -John Heywood

It can be easy to focus on the opportunities or downsides of any community, but our goal is to encourage and empower people with avenues to serve and make our city better.  We love when we get to connect with others that want to participate in volunteering to help others and the place we live.  We believe in relationships with people while we serve.  Establishing relationships is what bonds our mission as we gather to serve.  Please connect with us today if you are interested in serving, finding more about our club or community volunteering opportunities with the Lions Club!    

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